We have closed our Marlborough location and have moved to a tempoary kitchen, where we will continue with all of our scheduled custom orders. 

Please call 978-490-4921 for assistance!

Our cakes are priced out based on serving size. The average price range is $2.50/serving-$4.50/serving. Each cakes price point is based on how intricate the designing process is. 

Below you will find the price of our cakes, the 6" $26.00 (5-8 servings) and 8" (12-15) $36.00 and are ready for pickup in our store daily. Keep in mind any custom additions to our standard cakes will increase the price. 


6" 5-8 servings $26.00
8" 10-12 servings $36.00
10" 20-25 servings $48.00
12" 40-45 servings $70.00

1/4 sheet 15-20 servings $48.00

1/2 sheet 30-40 servings $68.00

***all pricing subject to change based on the increased value of our raw ingredients.